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CES 2015: five technological changes for modern marketers

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2015) took place in Las Vegas on January 6-9. We’ll save you from another story about wearables, 4K Televisions, drones or 3D printing technology. Instead, we’ll focus on what are the key CES trends that marketers should closely watch. Here is B2B Pioneer’s roundup of this year’s “must see” devices, channels, and platforms for marketers revealed at CES. Some of them will make a busy life of a marketer a little easier, faster or more efficient and some of them…

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2015 Gears Up to be The Year of Wearable Tech

Smart rings, fiber-optic fabrics, and more wearable tech trends coming in 2015. A few years ago, nobody knew what a wearable was – the category didn’t exist in any meaningful way for customers. Fast-forward to 2015, and wearables are everywhere: Smartwatches, Google Glass, fitness trackers, Mota SmartRing, MICA smart bracelet, – you name it. Apple also represents a new chapter in the relationship people have with technology – it launches Apple Watch in the beginning of 2015. P.S. Do you find this information valuable? >> Click Here To Get The Latest B2B Marketing Resources & Guides…

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Are You Taking Advantage of the Hidden Sales Cycle?

Are You Taking Advantage of the Hidden Sales Cycle? It’s not a secret: Your prospects are learning about your products without your help! The hidden sales cycle has emerged over the past decade as the world has moved online. Before, the only way customers and prospects could get information about your products and services was by talking to you. Today, talking to you is the last thing they do. By the time they finally get in touch, most of them will have made their decisions.…

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Just How “Modern” Is Your Marketing?

Defining the Modern Marketer: From Real to Ideal A recent survey of your 500 of your marketing peers revealed something startling:  less than 1 in 6 felt they were fully-integrating Modern Marketing concepts. How do you compare? (If outbound campaigns are the first things on your tool list, you may end up last in the competitive race.)  This special report from the experts at BtoB Research Services explores where online  marketing technology is going and, more importantly, how far along your peers feel they are…

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* Digital Body Language & Display Advertising Trends

To help you further grow your impact, influence and income we put together a Weekly Alert with the latest marketing news and insight from the market leaders.Over the past few years, we’ve seen advertisers increase their display ad spend to reach more customers online where they spend the majority of their time. Learn more>>>A series of studies have been completed on the diminishing reach and effectiveness of audience targeting with cookies. Is there an alternative to the cookie? Find out here>>>Please let us know what information you are interested in and we…

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Twitter Turns 8 Years Old: An Illustrated Video History

In 2006, people began to say a little something on Twitter through 140-character bursts of plain text. Eight years later, the users have transformed Twitter into place where you can discover new ideas, make real human connections and express themselves freely. Millions of prolific tweeters have made Twitter an exciting, fun and powerful place to connect with others. But each of us had to start somewhere: Today they’re taking a look at some choice first Tweets — first Tweets that sparked a conversation, used imagery…

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