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Are you using live-streaming video for business? Video Marketing is a big trend right now. Therefore, a lot of companies are taking advantage of Periscope or Meerkat to promote their products or services and engage with existing or potential customers. But now there is even more engaging platform that lets you build a personal and business presence while creating community! It is called

Blab allows you to stream video chats via mobile, tablet or desktop. Each Blab broadcast can have up to 4 people streaming live at any given time. So it gives a host more opportunities to interact with the community directly, not just through text comments.


An ability to broadcast video interviews via various devices is a key differentiator from Periscope, Meerkat and Facebook Mentions. Those platforms are mobile-only. And with Blab you can decide what is more convenient for you to use today: smartphone, tablet or computer desktop.

Another advantage of Blab is that with Meerkat, Periscope or Facebook Mentions just you are talking to your audience. If you want to interview someone, that person needs to be right next to you. And while you can include up to 10 people on a Google hangout, the session feels more like an interview and doesn’t provide the same high sense of engagement as a Blab. Here is the best Blab Live Stream Hosting Tip – You Are Not Alone!

With Blab 4 people can talk online simultaneously as an audience watches, comments and can switch places with one of the four video chatters. When a new video chatter attempts to join the four-person talk, the host of a Blab can choose to accept or deny entry. And as the video chat plays out, the creator can let the live chat disappear when it’s over, or hit record to save the chat for others to view later.

A nice feature is that when the chat time runs out and the moderator has to go but the audience wants to keep talking – a moderator can give hosting rights to another person. This way the community can keep interacting on the same or the new topics.


I’m sure you cannot wait to start exploring Blab yourself now. OK, but before you go, here are 5 first steps you need to take to start creating your own Blab experience.

  1. Set up your account

The easiest way is to sign in using your Twitter account. Blab has some additional twitter integrations that make connecting with Twitter fun and easy. Just log in and you’re ready to go. If you want to change your bio or notifications, click on your photo and select Settings. The bios on Blab have a smaller character limit than Twitter so yours may have been truncated. Check it!

  1. Find people to follow

Once you logged in, follow people to receive notifications about their blabs. Finding people to follow is simple: do a search by name or look anyone up by adding their Twitter handle after

  1. Start a new Blab

To start a new blab, click the purple button next to your profile picture. Then give your blab a header / title and choose up to three keywords (tags). Next, set up your blab to go live immediately or schedule it for another date or time in the future.

  1. Promote your Blab

Now that your blab has been scheduled it’s a good idea to do pre-promotion and let people know about your blab.

The best way to do this is to reach out to your existing community on other social channels. Blab makes this easy to do with Twitter with the “Tell a little bird” button but you’ll have to do a little copy/pasting for other social platforms like Facebook or Google+.

Another way to pre-promote your Blab is to reach out to active blabbers and get them to subscribe to your scheduled blab and possibly share your blab with their community.

If you’re hoping to generate sales leads from your blab you may want to create social ads to specifically target your audience.

  1. After your Blab chat

Reach out to your chat audience on other platforms that you’re active on and thank them for participating.

Send your guests a link to the replay and if you took screenshots during the blab send them their photo so they can possibly share it with their followers.

Post your video and audio files on your blog and across your active social channels. Tip: Buffer recently added the ability to send videos to multiple social channels at once.

As you see, using Blab is very easy. You do not need to learn any technical information. Everything is pretty intuitive and easy to find.

Blab takes live-streaming to the next level. It is a great way to network with peers, provide value and build relationship with your potential clients.

Have you tried out Blab? What has been your experience? Please share your opinion in the comments.

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