How Writing a Book Will Help You Generate More Leads

What marketing tools is your business using? Paid or organic search? SEO? Content creation? Email marketing? Social Media? Do they help with generating leads?

Every company is looking for ways to pump new life into its lead generation tactics. It can be a conference, a boot camp or a networking event. Or you can involve affiliate marketers who blast prospects with emails.

If you think about the new marketing realities of 2015, you will see that if you wanted to succeed building any business, brand or sales you need to reinvent your marketing.

Your marketing should:

  • Attract more quality leads
  • Distinguish you from all others in your industry
  • Get your brand in front of more of the right people
  • Position you as an authority and influencer
  • Shorten the buying cycle
  • Build your company’s reputation

Nothing better than a book can do that. Yes, new era marketing states that having a business card or a folder is not enough to succeed. You need to have a published book, written either by one of your executives or by a ghost author, particularly about your product or service, naming and branding it.

“Publishing a Book is The Absolute Best Marketing and Income Acceleration Tool In This New Economy” – wrote Gerry Robert, an international bestselling author, in his book “Multiply Your Business”.

The published book is one of today’s most effective business strategies in reaching targeted groups of people with information relevant to their needs, interests, and lifestyles.

The book should give answers or solve a problem that your prospects care deeply about. It is impossible to sell prospects a solution to a problem that they fundamentally do not want solved. Note there is a difference between a prospect caring about a problem versus being aware of a problem.

By providing some value, you tell you prospects, that you do not want only to sell, you also want to help. And that creates engagement and serves as a base for customer loyalty.

Why books work as lead generators

Books are unique marketing tools because they don’t seem like marketing tools —  books usually exist to provide expertise or entertainment. However, companies should keep in mind that the best source of knowledge is often an industry expert who can offer profiles of real-life customers and how their problems were solved.

In their content strategy, smart businesses frequently include testimonials from satisfied clients as proof of their ability to serve new ones, so why not control the content and increase its value, by turning these testimonials and case studies into a Book that lets you control the content you share — including the examples you use?

How books benefit companies

Not only can companies dictate the information captured in their books, they can also adjust the tone. People are bombarded with advertising these days, and traditional lead generation sources are providing less ROI — people resist the hard sell when they feel it’s lurking behind every corner. Books provide subtle marketing that allows prospects to find you, rather than the other way around.

Of course, investing the time and money in writing a book isn’t worthwhile if people don’t connect the valuable content with your company’s brand. In order to ensure that potential customers are encouraged to check out your company, you need to maximize the book’s ability to enhance your image.

While other companies are still trying to figure it out, your business can get ahead by providing an informational product that brings leads. Customers will have more faith in your company’s expertise, and your competitors will be busy trying to revive their tired tactics. Who has the lead then?

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