How to Build the Online Community that Brings Profit

Want to build an online community? When you understand the power of the online community, you’re bound to answer “yes”!

Building an online community will help your business reach hundreds or thousands of acting as motivated contributors. So it is not only a source of innovation and inspiration for marketing. Online communities can benefit your company in many ways:

Control of your Data and Customer Experience

Building niche online communities means that you will be in control of the communication and relationship with your customers.  Besides that, the data generated by your community will be just yours, and not available to your competitors.

Develop Customers as Brand Advocates

An online community can be used to create a program of brand ambassadors, and add customers who are brand advocates systematically through word-of- mouth. A positive comment about a brand is more reliable coming from a “consumer like me” than a TV commercial.

Increase Customer Loyalty

Online adult audiences, who want to stay in touch with your brand, are three times more likely to visit your website than following it on Facebook. Both, B2B and B2C industry companies found in branded communities a greater opportunity to create more loyalty and lifetime customer value than through social networks like Facebook or Twitter.

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Community Engagement Leads to Event Attendance

Engaged online community members are more likely to attend, in-person events, expos and workshops as well as online webinars and virtual conferences.

Contribution to Brand Equity

What are the image attributes you would like be associated with your brand? A vibrant online community can help. Starbucks followers are good example of that.

Increasing Sales

When people are researching their options for services or products, usually they intend to visit the website of the brand. The inclusion of ratings and reviews on your website can generate more sales. By adding a Q & A or a customer community on your website, you can generate more sales opportunities with new customers and more satisfaction among existing customers.

The combination of increased internet and mobile usage and explosion of online content brings the question: ”Of the many ways to grow my brand online, which should I choose?”

Building community is a wise investment to develop your business in your start-up stages and for established companies.

Finally it is time for companies to focus their efforts and social marketing strategies on what really works to attract and engage customers. Do you have experience in building your own online community? What are the strengths, challenges and actions that work and do not work?

In this webinar,

Niche Online Communities Are The Next Disruption and How Marketers Can Profit From This Trend

Boris Agranovich, the founder of GlobalRisk Academy, is sharing his ideas about the future developments in the B2B online community space. He provides the insights on building a community ecosystem, and tells how to drive engagement and how to monetize your social network based on his own experience and the proven results of building and successfully managing GlobalRisk Community of more than 20,000 professionals.

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From this webinar you learn about a proven process How to Build the Online Community that Brings Profit from scratch.

The webinar was recorded some time ago and it is amazing to see how those predictions came true by 2015. Check it out for yourself and share with us in the comments what do you think is true nowadays and which of the insights and methods, revealed in the webinar, are yet to come.


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