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Video Marketing Trends That Give Your Business a Boost

Video marketing trends will definitely give your business a boost when used correctly and with a marketing strategy. Video Marketing is the big thing in business. If you haven’t started to build your video marketing strategy, the chances are you are falling behind your competitors. We, marketers, try to stay on the top of all marketing trends, and these days there are plenty to choose from: marketing clouds, account-based marketing, predictive analytics—the list goes on. Luckily there are innovative software platforms that help B2B marketers effectively…

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10 Game Changing Marketing Trends 2016

The marketing industry develops very fast. Each year, new software, new hardware, new companies, and new user preferences dictate a host of sweeping changes that either get adopted or ignored by the companies of the world. Early adopters get a leg up on the competition, appealing to new markets or cementing their reputations as industry leaders, while those lagging behind miss out on a key opportunity to retain their positions. For marketers, it’s crucial to spend time reviewing data from 2015 and attending strategic planning meetings…

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What Are You Struggling with Right Now?

This is a serious question I’m asking… What are you struggling with right now, at this very moment? Are you struggling to get more traffic to your website, generate quality leads, attract subscribers, or increase income? Or are you striving to write a top ranking blog, produce more content, grow online community, improve your e-mail marketing, create software, develop an app, etc.? Whatever marketing and online business challenges you are facing and whatever type of business you are in – SPEAK OUT! Here’s what I’d…

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Social Network

Social Networking Service or Building Blog

Social Networking Service or Building Blog Profile Page The profile page is a representation of who you are that provides tangible and identifiable benefits to you and members of your social network.  Not only does the profile page fulfill some of the tasks that a résumé would, but also provides an overview to the content you’ve created or participated on the network. Friending Now you have professional colleagues, and, if it’s not quite the same as eating lunch with your fellow colleagues each day, your…

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Viral Videos Tips

Tip #1 Small budget viral videos or films are just fine. You don’t need to hire a Hollywood movie director to make viral videos. A homemade works great. But shoot several episodes to get it right. The concept is the key, the viewer is the King! Tip #2  Your video should be no longer then 2 minutes. Although YouTube will accept a video that is less than 10 minutes, Smaller than 100MB try to make the video between 30 seconds and 2 minutes. Tip #3…

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Internet Terminology You Must Know Part 2

Internet Terminology Social Bookmarking is method for people to search, organize, store and share items (i.e. blog posts, online articles, pictures, etc.) of interest using the item’s URL. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)  is the process of improving the volume and quality of traffic to a web site from search engines via “natural” (“organic” or “algorithmic”) search results. (Wikipedia, Search Engine Optimization) Social Networking Sites  is large sites that host multiple communities comprised of people with profiles who have with similar interests. Search Engine Optimization Social Networking…

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