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Digital Marketing

The Top Trends for Digital Marketing in 2017

Welcome to 2017! As it is the beginning of the new year, we would like to share with you the top trends for Digital Marketing in 2017. The previous year, 2016, was a very unusual year. We are not even talking about global news like the US election, the Brexit referendum, climate change, fake news, or the Rio Olympics. Yes, all of these were big stories that caught the attention of digital marketers as well as the rest of the world. But, we are talking…

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7 Steps to Make Your Video Marketing Strategy a Success

2016 will be the year of Video Marketing. Video is the perfect format for quickly grabbing busy audiences’ attention. It enables strong storytelling in a short but memorable format that customers can enjoy – and marketers can measure. Getting the attention of prospects is more important than ever in a world where buyers do most of their own research online before ever contacting a sales person. Marketers have to cut through the noise and engage the potential customers with content that entertains, inspires, and educates them…

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What Are You Struggling with Right Now?

This is a serious question I’m asking… What are you struggling with right now, at this very moment? Are you struggling to get more traffic to your website, generate quality leads, attract subscribers, or increase income? Or are you striving to write a top ranking blog, produce more content, grow online community, improve your e-mail marketing, create software, develop an app, etc.? Whatever marketing and online business challenges you are facing and whatever type of business you are in – SPEAK OUT! Here’s what I’d…

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Google Mobile-Friendly Update

Google Mobile-Friendly Update Is An Opportunity For You

On April 21, 2015 Google released a significant new mobile-friendly ranking algorithm that’s designed to give a boost to mobile-friendly pages in Google’s mobile search results. In the marketing world, it is called mobilegeddon, mobilepocalyse, or mopocalypse. Google wants to make sure it can retain its position as a useful service in the age of mobile. That is why Google decided to force website owners to make their sites work better on mobile devices. So Google mobile-friendly update is not just about making web searchers happier.…

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Types Online Marketing Infographics

Top Ten Online Marketing Strategies That Bring Real Results

Online Marketing Strategies have become an essential part of attracting the target buyers to a particular product or service as the Internet has drastically altered the way in which information is shared. Users prefer doing an online search for anything they want, instead of turning the pages of newspapers and magazines. That is why over the past few years, there has been more of a shift toward inbound marketing techniques, while many outbound tactics have become antiquated. In order for businesses to win market share…

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Inbound Marketing: The Proven Methodology for the Digital Age

Inbound Marketing helps your business to be known and to be found. According to the recent research of an advisory firm Forrester, buyers are 60% of the way to a decision before they contact sales, How they get there, and what influences them along the way, is as much art as it is science of Inbound Marketing. In fact, as outbound marketing gets less effective and more annoying, inbound marketing takes on a bigger role in your marketing mix. Advertisers increasingly recognize that online, traditional…

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6 Creative Ways to Distribute Content and Get Noticed

Getting your voice heard online often feels like trying to talk in an overcrowded room. So how does your brand rise above the noise? Nowadays, the scarce resource in the content marketing world is not infrastructure; it’s audience. To compete for reader attention, brands do not only have to produce better content, they also have to figure out a way to get it in front of people. Content is a base, but beyond that is understanding of the distribution channels. Why Distribute Content? Because simply…

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SEO for Blogging: How to Push Your Content to the Top

Why SEO for Blogging? Because the majority of online experiences—including those of your customers and prospects—begin with web search. And when those customers and prospects launch a query related to your products and services, you want to be there, at the top of the list and ready to assist, because these are some of your most qualified leads. Blogging is one of the most valuable tools that companies have to engage with customers and generate new leads. Your blog is the heart of all of your content marketing…

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Prepare for 2015 with B2B Pioneers’ Marketing Predictions

First month of the year is usually the time for marketing predictions and forecasts for 2015. Digital marketing has changed dramatically in 2014 in terms of recognition of the mobile, multi-device consumer, and the importance of creating powerful content across all platforms. But how will those changes show themselves, and what new forces will shape marketing in 2015? Immense growth of mobile Marketers are continuously working to get this most out of mobile and tie it back to the bottom line. Mobile allows brands to…

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Mobile Social Networking

Mobile Social Networking is the Next Big Thing According to a survey conducted in summer 2010, 20% of mobile users and 30% of smart phone users are now accessing social networking sites via their phone. And the expectation is that both mobile application and mobile browser usage will continue to develop very fast to facilitate the rapid growth of social networking via mobile phone. What Services are Included in Mobile Social Networking? It includes a diverse set of technologies and services ranging from simple chat…

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