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marketing brains and social media

How Marketing Brains React To Changes in Social Media

We all love changes. Changes are good! But only when these changes do not interfere with our habits, daily routines, and accustomed schedules. Exceptionally unsettling and worrying could be the changes in the workplace. There is the neuroscience behind our dislike of changes and the way our brains work in the moments of uncertainty. Fast Company has spoke with the leading neuroscientists and researches about what drives our behavior during moments of change and how best to handle it. “The desire for clarity is consistent…

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Your Weekly Alert 19/2014 – Who Are The Most Creative People in 2014?

What’s the urgency around marketing automation? How will it impact the bottom line and help grow the business…. Learn more>>> The access to vast sources of information that marketers are applying to execute and achieve more refined marketing can’t be gleaned manually… Read more>>> We hope you enjoy these resources. Please let us know what information you are interested in and we will find it for you.          Social Marketing News              by B2B Pioneers and Social Networking Bible On May 12,…

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Easter’s Special – Social Media for Lead Generation

Predictive Performance: The Future of Digital Experience Measurement Complete Course: Social Media for Lead Generation What’s the best way to assess and measure the performance of digital experiences? There is a new method through which you can generate measurements. Several models are explored, and the concept of predictive performance is introduced, a system in which data and inter-system connectivity can ensure real-time modifications to make the holistic system run optimally… Learn more>>> Social Media a vital channel to engage with your target audience across, with the…

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