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Notify: Facebook partners with media groups to launch news app

In another step to take over more of online media, Facebook is launching a standalone app in the coming week: Notify. This application allows users to subscribe to media outlets and receive alerts when stories are published. Facebook linked with dozens of media publishers including Mashable, CNN, The Washington Post, CBS and Billboard. Financial Times reports that the app is moving forward after positive feedback from publishers about Facebook’s Instant Articles product. Facebook isn’t alone, though. Google is working with more than 30 publishers on an initiative called Accelerated Mobile Pages.…

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Your Weekly Alert 19/2014 – Who Are The Most Creative People in 2014?

What’s the urgency around marketing automation? How will it impact the bottom line and help grow the business…. Learn more>>> The access to vast sources of information that marketers are applying to execute and achieve more refined marketing can’t be gleaned manually… Read more>>> We hope you enjoy these resources. Please let us know what information you are interested in and we will find it for you.          Social Marketing News              by B2B Pioneers and Social Networking Bible On May 12,…

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