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Creating Social Network in 5 Simple Steps

Create Social Network 5-step plan to create social network. This should be a part of your long-term strategic plan to build relationships with your customers and increase your reputation, brand awareness and loyalty. Serious Strategic Decision To create social network you have to make a serious strategic decision: “Branding Community” or a “Specific Niche Online Community” Branding Community You can communicate with customers and ask their opinion on your products or services. Engage your audience in conversation thus positioning yourself and your company in the…

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Social Network

How to Sell a Website or a Social Network?

How much can you Sell your Site for? Some brokers, generally an e-business website is worth three to six times earnings before interest and tax, so if your site profits are $200,000 you have an asset worth $600,000. Let’s assume we are going for 3 times annual earnings and it means that if new owners will leave the site as it is, they will break even in 3 years. Prepare for Due Diligence and Analytics Figures Traffic Analytics, PPC vs. Organic placement rankings, Conversion rates,…

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Your Weekly Alert 19/2014 – Who Are The Most Creative People in 2014?

What’s the urgency around marketing automation? How will it impact the bottom line and help grow the business…. Learn more>>> The access to vast sources of information that marketers are applying to execute and achieve more refined marketing can’t be gleaned manually… Read more>>> We hope you enjoy these resources. Please let us know what information you are interested in and we will find it for you.          Social Marketing News              by B2B Pioneers and Social Networking Bible On May 12,…

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12 Popular Methods to Drive Traffic to your Social Networking Site

12 Popular Methods you can Use to Drive Traffic to Your Social Networking Site Submit your RSS feed to major news sites Add a relevant link directory Use ping sites like pingler.com Announce a Contest to create a viral marketing campaign Distribute your site to traditional directories like DMOZ Distribute to as much RSS Directories and Search engines as you can. Put comment in other blogs relevant to your niche Go off-line Add a link to your blog within your e-mail signature block. Use Usenet.…

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Viral Videos Tips

Tip #1 Small budget viral videos or films are just fine. You don’t need to hire a Hollywood movie director to make viral videos. A homemade works great. But shoot several episodes to get it right. The concept is the key, the viewer is the King! Tip #2  Your video should be no longer then 2 minutes. Although YouTube will accept a video that is less than 10 minutes, Smaller than 100MB try to make the video between 30 seconds and 2 minutes. Tip #3…

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Holographic iPhone Changes Social Media Marketing

Five Best Practices for Achieving Social Media ROI Best Practices For Setting Up a Lead Nurturing Program To help you further grow your impact, influence and income we put together a Weekly Alert with the latest marketing news and insight from the market leaders. Social media has value beyond just marketing; used to the fullest, it connects with every part of your organization’s business…. Learn more>>> A survey indicated that a mere 10 percent of companies are actively using lead-nurture strategies as part of their demand…

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Facebook Marketing

Benefits and Disadvantages of Facebook Marketing Comparing with other Alternatives Pricing Targeting Quality Volume Flexibility Pricing Facebook advertising is much cheaper than Google. Some competitive markets like finance, internet are very high priced on Google, where it is much difficult to compete with established big budget players. Facebook on the other hand is a newer platform and so, for now at least, it’s less competitive between advertisers and so ads are cheaper. Targeting Google’s best method of targeting is it’s keywords system. This can generate…

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The Best Way To Plan Your Summer Vacation: Pinterest

Beyond Lead Flow: Enabling Sales Through Marketing Automation 6 Best Practices for Creating a Content Marketing Strategy To help you further grow your impact, influence and income we put together a Weekly Alert with the latest marketing news and insight from the market leaders. Much of the focus on marketing and sales integration in business to business (B2B) marketing has been on creating a steady flow of leads for Sales… Learn more>>> When well-executed, lead management and content marketing strategies can produce significant savings, reduce time spent…

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Social Media through Google Glass

The Social Media Textbook – Required Reading for Professionals 5 Ways the Cloud Will Enhance Your Professional Life in 2014 To help you further grow your impact, influence and income we put together a Weekly Alert with the latest marketing news and insight from the market leaders.Social business has emerged and accelerated into a bonafide business practice at an incredible pace. And social is growing; brands now rely on an average of 29 employees to manage over 20,000 daily interactions across 50 social accounts… Learn more>>> Last…

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Exploring Social Networking Websites Part 1

The most common social networking websites are changing over the years and you can expect they’ll continue to change. We guide you through the world of the social networking websites and show you the most popular ones. Here are the Top Social Networking Websites in the General Interest category: Facebook is designed as a social networking site for Harvard students. After spreading from Harvard through the university ranks and down into high school, Facebook was opened to the public in 2006 and it is the…

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