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How You Can Get The Most Out of LinkedIn's New Features

LinkedIn is Evolving. How You Can Get The Most Out of LinkedIn’s New Features

Recently LinkedIn got the major redesign. Let’s look into LinkedIn’s New Features. LinkedIn is a professional networking platform that connects the world’s professionals. With more than 450 million members, LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network on the Internet. The LinkedIn community includes specialists with different levels of experience and career ambitions, from University graduates to executives from every Fortune 500 company. The LinkedIn company was founded in 2003, and has a diversified business model providing Talent Solutions, Marketing Solutions, and Premium Subscriptions products. LinkedIn claims…

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Exploring Social Networking Websites

Social Networking Websites The most common social networking websites are changing over the years and you can expect they’ll continue to change. We guide you through the world of the social networking websites and show you the most popular ones. Here are the Top Social Networking Websites in the General Interest category: Facebook Facebook is designed as a social networking site for Harvard students. After spreading from Harvard through the university ranks and down into high school, Facebook was opened to the public in 2006…

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Mobile Social Networking

Mobile Social Networking is the Next Big Thing According to a survey conducted in summer 2010, 20% of mobile users and 30% of smart phone users are now accessing social networking sites via their phone. And the expectation is that both mobile application and mobile browser usage will continue to develop very fast to facilitate the rapid growth of social networking via mobile phone. What Services are Included in Mobile Social Networking? It includes a diverse set of technologies and services ranging from simple chat…

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Social Networking Service

The Best Social Networking Services First of all let’s compare some of the main providers of social networking services. SocialGo  What make their social networking offering’s unique: Social Networking Services Offer’s: Chat bar Video Chat Member Billing Full API Custom Content Pages Advanced Moderation Custom White label Profile Designer Twitter/Facebook Integration Unlimited Storage & Bandwidth Chat Bar Chat bar – SocialGo offers a real time chat service which lets you send unlimited private messages and also includes multi-player games and Facebook/twitter integration. Video Chat Video…

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Your Audience Feasts on Social Integration

The Social Hunger: Your Audience Feasts on Social Integration The Smartest Marketers Have External Writing Teams   We are living in the most revolutionary era in human communication since the invention of the printing press. For the past few years, marketers have ‘woken up’ to consumers who have the power to express their views anytime and anywhere… Learn more>>> A successful content strategy includes many moving parts: content planning, content creation, content promotion, measuring your content’s performance and optimizing for success… Read more>>> We hope you find this useful.…

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How to Create Innovative Customer Experiences

How to Create Innovative Customer Experiences The True Importance of Global Brand Management   How to Create Innovative Customer Experiences? Could fashion be the answer? HP and designer Michael Bastian create a smartwatch that looks smart too. You can also learn how to create successful innovations that meet your customers’ needs… Learn more>>> We hope you find this useful. Please let us know what information you are interested in and we will send you that.          Social Marketing News          …

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Social Networking Marketing

Great Deal Of Your Social Networking Marketing Twitter Twitter is one of the most powerful social marketing tools available today. If you have a business, either online or offline, having a Twitter account is a must.There are tons of tools out there that will get you followers, and most of them come at a cost. Three Tools to get Lots of Followers Google Alerts Twitterfeed Social Oomph Google Alerts Choose your keywords and phrases carefully because the more popular the articles that Google Alerts finds…

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How To Assert Your Independence From Internet Power

Five Best Practices for Achieving Social Media ROI Five Ways Marketing Automation Can Optimize Your Business   Matt Heinz, President of Heinz Marketing, says: “A survey earlier this year indicated that a mere 10 percent of companies were actively using lead-nurture strategies as part of their demand generation and pipeline management marketing. Even for those, implementing a more complex closed-loop system may feel intimidating and out of reach.”… Learn more>>>   The benefits of marketing automation solutions are now well established and adoption has been growing…

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Social App

Social Apps

 LinkedIn’s App  On LinkedIn you can check updates Update your status View connection profile updates Monitor discussions Access your connections list Check your inbox and respond to correspondence Manage invitations Connect instantly with other LinkedIn users Facebook App To review your news feed where you can “like” or make comments; Access your profile page, Manage friends and friend requests; Read or send messages; View photos; Events and notes; Chat live with other FB friends Hootsuite, Tweetdeck, Seesmic Some of the most popular cross-channel Social Media management…

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Social Network

Social Networking Benefits

What are the Social Networking Benefits for the Owner? Influence, Credibility and Trust Authority Business Asset Diversify your Revenue Streams Leverage Influence, Credibility and Trust When owning a social network you can attract members by publishing fresh and interesting content. Authority When you publish material about a specific subject, the chance grows that your members start to see you as a leading figure or so called “ Authority ” in this subject. Business Asset Owning a successful social network is a big advantage not only that…

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