Video Marketing Trends That Give Your Business a Boost

Video marketing trends will definitely give your business a boost when used correctly and with a marketing strategy. Video Marketing is the big thing in business. If you haven’t started to build your video marketing strategy, the chances are you are falling behind your competitors.

We, marketers, try to stay on the top of all marketing trends, and these days there are plenty to choose from: marketing clouds, account-based marketing, predictive analytics—the list goes on. Luckily there are innovative software platforms that help B2B marketers effectively manage their Social Media marketing efforts.

But few trends are as big as video marketing. Some 96% of B2B marketers are now using video, according to a recent study by the Web Video Marketing Council. And for good reason. Video is great for engaging audiences and getting their attention in a crowded market. It has become a strategic tool for lead generation. Brands have learned that video is good for more than attracting attention. It enriches the customer journey at all stages, and it is more effective than other content at converting buyers.

With more ways to use video, more companies will do it themselves. Ascend2 reported that 91% of companies say they’re still seeing the effectiveness of marketing videos increase, and 71% of those with successful video programs say they’ll increase investments in video production in the coming year.

That makes sense—because the return on investment (ROI) is there. Brands that use video are seeing revenues grow almost 50% faster each year than their video-averse counterparts do.

Traditionally, businesses have been slow to adopt video production. The cost of equipment and concern about the difficulty of using it well prompted most to use professional production services. But the costs are declining, and with the technology development marketers are able to produce timely videos themselves and do not have to wait months for a professional video company to put something together.

We already talked about 7 Steps to Make Your Video Marketing Strategy a Success.

And here we will give you an overview of the Social Media video tools that will give your business a boost.

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Launched in 2015, Periscope quickly rose in popularity and numerous marketers consider it one of the video marketing trends for 2016. Numerous entrepreneurs, speakers, celebrities, and marketers have dipped their feet in the water.

Periscope, Twitter’s live streaming video app, celebrated its one-year anniversary in March 2016, reporting it had reached more than 200 million live broadcasts. That’s more than double the number of broadcasts Twitter announced just three months ago when it launched Periscope live video streams directly within user timelines.

According to an announcement by the Periscope team on Medium, more than 110 years of live video is watched daily iOS and Android devices.

What exactly is Periscope? It’s a live video streaming app that enables audience engagement during the broadcast via giving hearts and sending comments that show up on the stream. A completed broadcast on Periscope can be replayed for 24 hours before it disappears. This creates a sense of urgency in followers to watch the video within 24 hours because there’s no guarantee the broadcaster will upload the video to another site like YouTube.

So how can you, as a marketer, make use of Periscope?

One way is to announce new products and provide special offers through this live video tool. Other ideas include Q&A sessions, views into brand culture, and special guest takeovers.


Instagram recently rolled out an update that allows you to record and post 60-second videos, a dramatic increase from its previous 15-second video capabilities. Furthermore, the social network is adding unique video features, such as slow-motion capabilities and video view counts, to the platform. Instagram has shown impressive growth over the last five years, but the good news for brands is that video content on the platform is just now taking off and showing incredible potential.

With Instagram’s focus shifting towards video, there’s no doubt it will become a leading video platform. Big brands are already taking note of the popularity of Instagram video and using it to reach their target audiences in creative, engaging, and value-adding ways. In fact, 40% of the top 1,000 most popular Instagram videos are actually from brands, not individuals.


There’s a new player in the live video streaming arena, and marketers are starting to get excited about the possibilities. Blab has a few nifty features that set it apart from apps like Meerkat and Periscope. Since it’s currently free to use, now is the perfect time to check it out. If you want to add live streaming to your video marketing strategy, Blab can be a great way to build your community.

Here are the reasons marketers are voting for Blab: Blab Live Stream Hosting Tips – You Are Not Alone

Facebook LIVE

Facebook introduced Live to Facebook profiles and pages.

Facebook is controlling the reach of Live broadcasts through the news feed ranking algorithm, as with all organic posts.

Regardless of whether you have or plan to use live streaming, you can still upload videos regularly to Facebook.

We recommend exploring ways to use Facebook Live through the lens of your business.

Create a balance between talking about your business and giving people a peek at who you are outside of work. It creates significantly more intimacy between you and your audience.

One of the great ways to use Facebook LIVE is to come up with “adventures” that would be of interest to your friends and followers. If you could take a group of friends with you somewhere, where would that be? It could be somewhere you go during downtime (to the beach or a concert) or else directly related to business.

Mark Zuckerberg takes people behind the scenes of Facebook in this Live video.

5 Rules for a Video to Go Viral

So many attempts at creating ‘viral videos’ fail, and usually for the same reasons. Here’s what I believe to be the key to creating a successful video.

1. It MUST Evoke Emotion
2. Tell a Story
3. It Should Portray Your Brand’s Image, Without Being Overly Promotional
4. You Must Have A Marketing Plan
5. Other Branding/Marketing Efforts Must Be In Place

Ultimately, the only reason you’re commissioning a video is because you want to see results, and there’s no point in forking out a hefty sum of money on video production if the rest of your marketing and operational efforts are out of whack. Let’s say your video is a huge success and you’re now getting thousands of new website visits every day, but you still have a cheap, 10-year old website with no online ordering system; you’ve probably just lost tonnes of customers and revenue.

Make sure your other marketing efforts are up to scratch so you’ll be able to maximize the return on your investment. Your video is likely to be near the top of your sales funnel, so if things aren’t in place further down the line, you’re likely to leak prospective buyers.

Marketers are excited about Social Media Video Marketing tools because they represents some of the best aspects of content marketing: they are designed to foster community, it’s easy to repurpose the content, and they allow for a true dialog between the brand and the audience.

The point of all these updates is that visual content is better for marketers, it is often preferred by users themselves, and it offers the perfect mix of snackable and actionable content for marketers who want to make an impact on the widest audience possible.

This year, deciding which videos to produce and how to get the most from them may be the toughest marketing decision of all.

But with the right planning and the right technology you can get the data to know when your strategies work and when you need to go back to the video studio.

Are you using Video Marketing to boost your business? Share with us how you grow your business with video marketing.

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